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It has been a long time since I wanted to create an add-on for OpenFrameworks, the mighty open source toolkit for creative coding.

Recently, my friends at Hand Coded asked me if they could use aubio in their application, Ledotron, to have the live music controlling the visual in real time. I can't say much more, but it's going to be something really nice.

Some people had already written addons using the aubio library to do pitch or onset detection using aubio, but I figured it would be easier to start a new project from scratch.

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Conda packages

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Conda is a package management system that lets you install software packages in your home directory. New packages submitted yesterday were already merged in the conda-recipes repository.

If you use conda, you can now install aubio using:

$ conda install -c aubio

Check out the conda packages for aubio

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Robot dancing

Dancing Naos

Dancing robots

Vid Podpečan writes about "teaching a humanoid robot to dance to a given song with respect to the detected beat", and uses aubio to have Aldebaran's Nao dance along the music.

He writes: "This was the very first thing I did when we bought NAO and I had lots of fun making him dance. Maybe not very sophisticated but simple enough and very amusing. And surely the whole thing would have been quite impossible without aubio. Big thanks for your work!"

Keep it groovy, Nao!

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0.4.2 released

A new version, 0.4.2, has been released earlier this month. It contains several bug fixes.

Read on for the full changelog.

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Boogie Shoes

Orphe shoes

Orphe Shoes from no new fold studio

Last month at Music Hack Day Barcelona 2015, organized within Sonar Festival, Amelie Anglade, Guillaume Faure, and Paul Brossier created a little hack using Orphe Shoes from no new fold studio.

Orphe shoes contain LED lights that can be controlled remotely over WiFi.

The idea was simple: have the shoes react automatically to the music, making them flash along the tempo. We hacked a PureData patch using pd-aubio to detect onset and beat locations from the music coming throught the microphone, and make the shoes flash in sync along the music.

Using the motion sensors built inside the shoes, we could detect whether the dancer was moving its feet in time or not. If he moved in time, the shoes would flash white, otherwise they would flash red.

The hack was simple enough, but somehow we convinced the jury and won a pair of shoes!

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