vamp-aubio-plugins 0.5.0

A new version of the vamp-aubio-plugins is now available for download. Originally created by Chris Cannam, the set of Vamp plugins for aubio have recently been updated with three new plugins:

Additionally, two new outputs have been added to the Onset detection plug-in: the output of the onset detection function before and after peak-picking.

More information is available at the new vamp-aubio-plugins home page.

vamp-aubio-plugins 0.5.0 source

Binary for Linux amd64

Binary for Mac OS X

Binary for Windows

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Aubio meets R

Martin started a new open source project called Vocobox - a voice controller for digital instruments. He started putting together a human voice dataset that provides multiple short samples of human sung notes in various way (different notes, voyels, etc).

R Logo

R, a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics

For this project, Martin created the R binding to aubio, that will allow you to gather data using aubio command line tools directly from within R.

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Save the kiwis

A few months ago, Lukasz Tracewski explained his project on the aubio-user mailing list. Using aubio's onset detection from his custom Python code, he is able to process very large amounts of recordings from New Zealand wilderness to monitor the populations of kiwis and improve their protection.

Kiwi and its egg

A kiwi and its egg, by Shyamal (own work), CC-BY-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Here is how Lukasz describes the challenge:

The project is to support efforts in kiwi protection, famous flightless bird from New Zealand. We count their calls (and also determine gender) in each file and use this information to understand ecosystem health and how well protection efforts are working.

As you can imagine finding that there is something worth interest in a recording is crucial: if there are too many false positives, then noise reduction by spectral subtraction becomes inefficient. The other way risk is even greater: if bird call goes undetected, then it will be included in noise-only regions and then subtracted from a whole sample, effectively eliminating many possible candidates.

Processing time becomes important when there are truly many sample. As mentioned before, there are 10000 hours of recordings. To get them identified we will probably buy time on Amazon Web Services EC2 compute-optimized instance (something with 32 virtual CPUs). Time is money in this case, so keeping it short is crucial.

Interestingly, Lukasz found that the energy onset detection method, which often generates a lot of false positives on music signals, was, in his case, the one giving the best result for the detection of bird calls.

Find out more about Lukasz project on the Ornithokrites web page.

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Bitwig ships aubio, and shouldn't

On March 27th, the first public release of Bitwig, a digital audio workstation often compared to Ableton Live, was announced. Bitwig had made a bit of noise for the past few years as a promising software for music composers and producers.

That same day, a good friend of mine gave me the news that, a binary version of the Vamp plugin for aubio, was included in the first public demo of Bitwig, along with an old binary version of the entire aubio library.

It seems they decided to use aubio's onset detection to automatically slice their samples. Now, in the default configuration, aubio is not used. But Bitwig is a commercial software, and should not include GPL code in any sort of way.

After being asked, Bitwig publicly confirmed that they were not using [aubio] anymore, and just forgot to remove the file. I also wrote to them asking them to do so and received a mail from their side confirming they would do remove it as soon as possible.

Version 1.1 was released a few days ago, and still ships aubio's binary. From version 1.0.2 to version 1.1, all of them contained aubio's binary code. How could someone possibly forget to run rm -f in no less than eight months and several releases?

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0.4.1 is out

A new version of aubio has been published. This version is mostly focusing on media file input and output. Here is a quick overview of the changes.

Read the changelog to find out more details about what 0.4.1 brings.

Note: this version is API and ABI compatible with 0.4.0. Since it only adds new features to the existing interface, your existing source and binary code will keep working without any modifications.

Download aubio 0.4.1

Happy hacking!

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