0.4.4 released

A new version of aubio, 0.4.4, is available.

This version features a new log module that allows redirecting errors, warnings, and other messages coming from libaubio. As usual, these messages are printed to stderr or stdout by default.

Another new feature is the --minioi feature added to aubioonset, which lets you adjust the minimum Inter-Onset Interval (IOI) separating two consecutive events. This makes it easier to reduce the number of doubled detections.

New demos have been added to the python/demos folder, including one using the pyaudio module to read samples from the microphone in real time.

0.4.4 also comes with a bunch of fixes, including typos in the documentation, build system improvements, optimisations, and platform compatibility.

The logging feature is used in the python module, so that the error messages are no longer printed out in the wild, but used directly in the message string of the Python exception. In addition, warnings messages coming from the library are now emitting proper python warnings.

This feature can also be used in your application to create a custom logging function. For instance, pd-aubio uses it to get error and warning messages printed in the Puredata console.

source_avcodec, which decodes any file ffmpeg or libav can read, has been updated to the latest version, while making sure it works with older versions of the libavcodec/libavformat API.

Several fixes and improvements have been applied to the build system, which will simplify building both the library and the python module on a variety of platforms, including linux, osx, and windows. The tests are now being run automatically for various configurations on those three platforms after each push to the git repository.

Many thanks to Eduard Mueller for his insights on optimisations for windows machines, to Peter Parker for his proofreading of the manual pages, to @jhoelzl and @notalentgeek for their suggestions of python demos using the microphone.

See the complete changelog for the full details. See also the previous post announcing aubio 0.4.3.

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