Compiling vamp-aubio-plugins

Please refer to the detailed instructions to build vamp-aubio-plugins for your platform in the following files:

You can try running the corresponding file directly from the current directory. For instance, on a Linux x86_64 host:

$ sh INSTALL.linux64


Use Makefile.linux to compile vamp-aubio-plugins:

make -f Makefile.linux clean all

Mac OS X

Use Makefile.osx to compile vamp-aubio-plugins:

make -f Makefile.osx clean all


Use Makefile.mingw32 to compile vamp-aubio-plugins:

make -f Makefile.mingw32 clean all

Installing vamp-aubio-plugins

The Vamp plugin is defined by the following three files. Depending on your platform, the extension of the binary file will vary.

Follow the Vamp installation instructions to copy the above three files to your preferred plugin directory.

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