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What are vamp-aubio-plugins ?

The Vamp Aubio Plugins provide some of aubio's methods to the Vamp audio analysis system.


vamp-aubio-plugins currently provides the following analyzers:

Aubio Beat Tracker
Time → Tempo
Estimate the musical tempo and track beat positions.
Aubio Mel-frequency Band Energy Detector
Low Level Features
Computes Energy in each Mel-Frequency Bands.
Aubio Mfcc Detector
Low Level Features
Computes Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients.
Aubio Note Tracker
Estimate note onset positions, pitches and durations.
Aubio Onset Detector
Time → Onsets
Estimate note onset times.
Aubio Pitch Detector
Track estimated note pitches.
Aubio Silence Detector
Low Level Features
Detect levels below a certain threshold.
Aubio Spectral Descriptor
Low Level Features
Computes spectral descriptor.

Download and install

Make sure you have aubio installed on your system, then follow the download and installation instructions.

See also the Vamp audio analysis plugin system home page for more resources and documentation.


vamp-aubio-plugins is a free and open source software released under the GNU/GPL license.

Note: aubio is not MIT or BSD licensed. Contact the author if you need it in your commercial product.

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