Installing pd-aubio on Mac OS X

To install pd-aubio plugins 0.4 for Pd, download the Mac OS X binary and copy the aubio directory to your ~/Library/Pd directory:

$ curl -O
$ unzip -x
$ mkdir -p ~/Library/Pd
$ cp -prv pd-aubio-0.4-osx/aubio ~/Library/Pd

Compiling pd-aubio

Make sure you have aubio successfully installed on your system.

Extract the downloaded source tarball and go down in the source directoy:

tar xf pd-aubio-0.4.tar.bz2
cd pd-aubio-0.4

Use waf to build pd-aubio (you just need to have python installed):

./waf configure build

To find out more about waf's options:

./waf --help

Installing pd-aubio

Depending on your platform, the installation instructions may vary.


Use waf to install pd-aubio:

sudo ./waf install 

Mac OS X

You will need to run the following command to install aubio module at the correct location.

If you use Pd Vanilla (note that the version number might need to be adjusted):

cp -prv build/aubio.pd_darwin /Applications/

Or, if you use Pd extended:

cp -prv build/aubio.pd_darwin /Applications/

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