0.4.3 released

Version 0.4.3 of aubio is now available.

This version features a complete rewrite of the python module, making it faster and more memory efficient than any previous version. It also adds compatibility for Python 3.x.

The build system has been improved so that python-aubio can now be installed with pip using a simple command:

$ pip install aubio

0.4.3 also comes with a number of improvements and several optimisations, so you should see both the library and the python module run significantly faster. Many computations have been vectorised, using either Atlas/cblas or the Accelerate framework, depending on the host platform.

A new object, notes, will help you detect midi notes directly from your programs, in the same way done by aubionotes.

The tempo object gets to new functions, _get_period and _get_period_s, which gives you the current period in samples, or in seconds.

The python tests have been extended, and are now using nose2 by default.

A number of helper scripts have been added to the scripts folder to help cross-compiling the library.

See the complete changelog for the full details.

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