0.4.0 released

After more than five years of development behind the curtain, the time has come to release a new version of aubio.

The list of changes is long, but to make it short, aubio is now:

Several new features have been added, including:

An audio example is worth a thousand characters. Here are a few examples of graphs obtained using the new Python interface.

pitch detection example pitch detection example

pitch detection example pitch detection example

Examples of plots obtained using aubio's new Python interface. From top to bottom, left to right: a. Onset detection on recording of an electric bass guitar with distortion. The original waveform is shown in the upper part, while the lower part shows the onset detection function (green), the thresholded function (yellow), and the detected onsets (red) (source code). b. Pitch detection on a male voice. The middle plot shows the detected f0 (dashed green) and the detections for which the confidence is higher than a given threshold (blue). The bottom plot shows the confidence for each frame (blue) and the confidence threshold (green) (source code). c. Energies found in 40 bands equally spaced on the Mel scale, obtained on a sample containing a guitar and a keyboard (source code). d. Different spectral descriptors computed on a drum loop, showing the behavior of these functions for different percussive sounds (source code).

Sound samples credits and references:

  1. Night Creatures – That's The Night / One Of Those Songs, on Vogue Records, 1976
  2. Nicolas Vion – Fr-grenouille.ogg, on Wikimedia Commons, 2006
  3. Cold Blood – Baby I Love You / Same, on Reprise Records, 1973
  4. Larry Young's Fuel – Spaceball, on Arista, 1976

Download aubio 0.4.0

Merry hacking!

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I wonder if you could give some guidance on upgrading Denemo to use 0.4.0?
The onset detection is used in the file sourceaudio.c which is used to synchronize audio with a notated score:;a=blob;f=src/sourceaudio.c;h=69b782dcda56c2ced7532372664a67245cdb79f3;hb=HEAD

we also have pitch detection stuff in the file pitchrecog.c to allow input of notes to a score from a microphone.

Richard Shann

Posted by Richard Shann at Mon Jan 20 19:55:19 2014

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