aubio  0.4.9
Data Fields
cvec_t Struct Reference

Vector of real-valued phase and spectrum data. More...

#include <cvec.h>

Data Fields

uint_t length
 length of buffer = (requested length)/2 + 1
 norm array of size cvec_t.length
 phase array of size cvec_t.length

Detailed Description

Vector of real-valued phase and spectrum data.

uint_t buffer_size = 1024;
// create a complex vector of 512 values
cvec_t * input = new_cvec (buffer_size);
// set some values of the vector
input->norm[23] = 2.;
input->phas[23] = M_PI;
// ..
// compute the mean of the vector
mean = cvec_mean(input);
// destroy the vector
del_cvec (input);
spectral/test-fft.c, spectral/test-filterbank.c, spectral/test-filterbank_mel.c, spectral/test-mfcc.c, spectral/test-phasevoc.c, spectral/test-specdesc.c, spectral/test-tss.c, and test-cvec.c.

Definition at line 63 of file cvec.h.

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