aubio  0.4.9
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 sink.hMedia sink to write blocks of consecutive audio samples to file
 source.hMedia source to read blocks of consecutive audio samples from file
 notes.hNote detection object
 onset.hOnset detection object
 pitch.hPitch detection object
 awhitening.hSpectral adaptive whitening
 dct.hDiscrete Cosine Transform
 fft.hFast Fourier Transform
 filterbank.hFilterbank object
 filterbank_mel.hFilterbank object coefficients initialization
 mfcc.hMel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients object
 phasevoc.hPhase vocoder object
 specdesc.hSpectral description functions
 tss.hTransient / Steady-state Separation (TSS)
 sampler.hLoad and play sound files
 wavetable.hWavetable synthesis
 tempo.hTempo detection object
 a_weighting.hA-weighting filter coefficients
 biquad.hSecond order Infinite Impulse Response filter
 c_weighting.hC-weighting filter coefficients
 filter.hDigital filter
 resampler.hResampling object
 log.hLogging features
 parameter.hParameter with linear interpolation
 aubio.hGlobal aubio include file
 cvec.hVector of complex-valued data, stored in polar coordinates
 fmat.hMatrix of real valued data
 fvec.hVector of real-valued data
 lvec.hVector of real-valued data in double precision
 musicutils.hVarious functions useful in audio signal processing
 types.hDefinition of data types used in aubio
 vecutils.hUtility functions for fvec_t